Temples of hapur

Hapur has been a religious center since ancient times. There are various temples, mosques, gurdwaras, churches. There are also famous secular places (e.g. forts) to visit in Hapur.

  • Mandir Shri Radha Balhab Ji Maharaj ( Maheshwari Mandir), Garh Delhi Road, Arya Nagar
  • Arya Samaj Mandir, Delhi Garh Road
  • Sakyasingha Ratpala Buddha Monastery. Located in Buddha Lok, Meerut Road, Hapur. International Buddha Education Institute, Regional Center of the World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB).
  • There are 8 temples in a small village, Tumrail, in which there are 4 Shiv Mandir, 1 Sai Mandir, 1 Shani Mandir, 1 Jaharveer Mandir, and 1 Devi Chandi-Kali ka Mandir.
  • Chandi Mandir - This temple was built by Raja Harishchandra more than 500 years ago. It is located in a very crowded area called subzi mandi about 1 km. from the Hapur city center (tehsil chopla).
  • Sapnawat Sai Mandir - This is a famous temple of Sai Baba of Shirdi located in a nearby village of Sapnawat. It is also called the "mini shirdi". People from various regions - like Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand - come here to visit. The temple is situated 18 km. from Hapur city center (tehsil chopla).
  • Sabli Shiv Mandir - This is an ancient temple which was built about 700 years ago. It is located in a village named Sabli. During the time of ganga snan lakhs of Kanwariya come here. The temple is spread over a very large area and 8 km. Hapur city center (tehsil chopla).
  • Garhmukteshwar - This is a well known pilgrimage site where people come from all over India, especially during the time of ganga snan. It is located 35 km. east of Hapur city on NH-24.
  • Bhora sahib-It is a gurdwara located on the Meerut Road where people from various places come.
  • Shiv Mandir - Located in the village of Naan, 7 km from hapur city.
  • Devi Mandir - Located in the village of Tumrail (5 km from Hapur City), this is a very old temple, which was built about 100 years ago.
  • Seventh-day Adventist Church - This church was built by Milton Mattison in 1919. There are two nearby institutions associated with this church:
  • Milton Mattison Memorial Hospital, located on Meerut Road, near the LIC office, providing general medicine,general surgery and ob/gyn services. It also has the best and largest dental facility (7 chairs) in the city.
  • The S.D.A Mission School campus, which is Located on Meerut Road, near the flyover, and 3 km from Harpur city center (tehsil chopla).
  • Tatarpur Catholic Church, Hapur, 8 km from Harpur city center (tehsil chopla).


  • Asoura Fort, located in Asoura village, near Meerut Road, Hapur.
  • Kuchesar Mud Fort Located near NH-24 on Kuchesar Road, Hapur, near Kamla School.