The Government of India provides helpline numbers for all over in India offered by the Government agencies. These toll-free numbers are running across all states in India and available 24×7. The toll-free numbers/helplines are telephone and SMS based services which help to the callers regarding various government services.

The following is a list of Helpline numbers for All Over In India :

Help Line Number
Help Line Number Description
101 Fire
112 Police
102/108 Ambulance
103 Traffic Police
1031 Anti Corruption Helpline
1072 Train accident
1073 Road Accident
1070 Disaster management
1090 Women Help Line
1092 Earth-quake Help line service
1322 Indian Railway Security Helpline
139 Railway Enquiry
1551 Kisan Call Center
155300 Citizen Call Center
1076 CM Help Line
1098 Child Help Line
1090 Crime Stopper


There is no helpline.