Places of Interest


Located on Hapur Moradabad Road, it is the famous pilgrimage site of Hapur district. In mythological and religious form, it is known as Khandavavan. Here, Uma came with Kalaash Mountain with a bath. The Parshuram founded Shivalinga. Here Shiva has come and got freedom from the Vampire Yoni.


Located on the Hapur Moradabad Road, this town is famous for the production of Khadi and other textiles across the country. There are 144 grams of Rajputa around Pilkhuva, 60 of them are of Tanwaro and 84 Gahlaut is from Rajputs, hence it is called Satara-Chirasi.


This deserted village situated on the banks of Ganges was famous in the Mahabharata period, Pushpavati. The Ganga used to come here for bathing. It was the palace of King Karna in the nearby Laharai village. He used to donate gold to the Brahmans when he came to visit. There are still ruins of the temple and mud fort built by the Marathas.


It is a village of patriots about 4 kilometers from the town of Pilkhuwa. In 1857, King Gulabsih was the head of the artists of this region. They had made a fort here. When he came to know about the British, he invaded 60 miles of gunfire in the Kue area of the fort.